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Bridge to nowhere

May 12th, 2009 3 comments

I’ve been on a bridge kick lately. It could be that I’m finally realizing that I live so close to this icon of a structure, and I really haven’t put any effort into capturing images of it. It could also be that the fog has been really interesting lately, and hearing the foghorns blowing as the tankers move under the bridge is like a siren call to grab my camera. The nighttime shots are the most enjoyable. There’s something about the traffic across the bridge, the illumination, the city, and also the absence of people that makes for a better environment to shoot in. It’s just me and the bridge. Unfortunately the rangers often close the upper gate each night at dusk which prevents access to the best view point of the bridge and the city. All is not lost however, as there are many alternate spots that each offer a different perspective.

This shot is from up high, just before I was kicked out by the ranger. The full moon was illuminating the bay in a wonderful way, and the long exposure helped to smooth out the waves in the bay much in the same way that a waterfall renders as silky streams.

Golden Gate Bridge at Full Moon

This shot was from a bit lower (almost at at sea level) near the Coast Guard station in Fort Baker.

View from Fort Baker

This next few shots were during one of those fog events. It’s hard to know if the towers are in fact going to be poking through the cloud layer, and many times I made the trek up the hill only to find everything was completely socked in.


And finally, my favorite of the series. A pre-dawn shot of the bridge:


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Studio Gear Lust

May 1st, 2009 No comments

I was lucky this week to have the opportunity to work with fashion shooter extrodinaire Cavan Clark during a swimsuit shoot for Zoebikini in San Francisco. Zoe and the whole crew involved in the shoot were a blast to hang out with, and her swimsuit designs are awesome. High fashion photography is enough to get anyone fired up, but this was a killer shoot at Cavan’s new digs in Mill Valley, CA. Weather was great, and we shot a mixture of indoor and outdoor shots, both lit and natural. Seeing Cavan work was a great learning experience, and his comfort with a multitude of challenging lighting situations was quite humbling. He really knows how to make those strobes work in magical ways. I of course couldn’t stop lusting over the stockpile of really nice Profoto equipment, and realize that many pennies will need to be saved before a set of these is residing in my gear closet!

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