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Studio Gear Lust

I was lucky this week to have the opportunity to work with fashion shooter extrodinaire Cavan Clark during a swimsuit shoot for Zoebikini in San Francisco. Zoe and the whole crew involved in the shoot were a blast to hang out with, and her swimsuit designs are awesome. High fashion photography is enough to get anyone fired up, but this was a killer shoot at Cavan’s new digs in Mill Valley, CA. Weather was great, and we shot a mixture of indoor and outdoor shots, both lit and natural. Seeing Cavan work was a great learning experience, and his comfort with a multitude of challenging lighting situations was quite humbling. He really knows how to make those strobes work in magical ways. I of course couldn’t stop lusting over the stockpile of really nice Profoto equipment, and realize that many pennies will need to be saved before a set of these is residing in my gear closet!

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